Global Monitoring

Our brand protection solution covers +500 market places, social media, domains and web shops globally.

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Risk Analysis

Each individual website, post or listing will be evaluated. Advanced filters will point out infringing offer.

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Prioritize Cases

By automatically connecting the dots between the various platforms and webshops we prioritize your cases.

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Protect your brands online with our online brand protection solution!

Every day your brand is at risk. Fighting counterfeiting and piracy is a battle. With our online brand protection software we have a winning solution.

Connecting the dots

24/7, all web shops, market places, social media, download platforms and app stores are monitored for the offer in your brand(s). Counterfeit or other unwanted offer is detected instantly. By connecting the dots between the different platforms we automatically detect the offenders who are active on the multiple platforms. These cases are prioritized and with our detect, act, protect solution we focus our efforts for maximum results.

Full insight in all activities

Get full insight in all the activities of the infringers who are harming your brands. All connected seller ID's, user ID's and websites of an infringer are shown in one overview. By taking immediate action, the total network of such infringers will be taken down with just a few clicks.

Clear, easy to use interface

Usability and transparency are one of our key values. The online dashboard is easy to use. Within that online dashboard you can start enforcements, take down listings, create reports and get insight into the largest offenders. Everyone can use it, no training required.

In depth analysis made easy

Create in-depth analysis on products, categories and platforms with just a few clicks. We know that no brand is alike so tell us what your key performance indicators are and we will personalize your interface.

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